Bar Tropical
Calle Coahuila, Close to Hong Kong
Tijuana, Mexico
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  • Bar Tropical

    Calle Coahuila, Close to Hong Kong
    Tijuana, Mexico
    Sex is offered in Bar Tropical for around $30 to $50 for 30 minutes. Remember, they will always ask for the higher price, but prices are always negotiable in Tijuana.
    The dancers are not the hottest when compared to the neighbor bars such as Hong Kong and Adelitas, but they can have a sweet babe in there on occasion. Maybe worth checking out.
    $ 8.00
    $ 50.00

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    Bar Tropical has a decent facility. They have a nice area for the dancers and a good area for the patrons to watch or mingle with the girls.
    2 AdultSearch User Reviews
    Reviewed 03-20-2013
    I recently went to this bar again. there was a dancer named 'Paloma'. she half Mexican and half Chinese.she was ok looking and wore a tight skirt. I walked into the bar and she came over and sat next to me. I had'nt eaten much but I was drinking beer. Against my better judgement, I bought Paloma a cost eight dollers, and then I they tried to make me buy chips.
    I went into the VIP room with Paloma and they brought in ten small tiny beers in a bucket.$70.00 plus tip.she starting drinking it like it was water in the desert.I was on my eighth beer with no food so I agreed.I touched paloma and she said $80.00, I paid he and she help me take off my pants. when I was pulling my shirt over my head I heard metal hit the floor.
    I looked down and she had my passport, money clip and loose dollars in her hand . she took it out of my pants and tried to put it in her purse.she dropped it on the floor .
    I got pissed off and she laughed. I was undressed and she ran out of the VIP room. she said "bye bye".I checked my wallet and cloths and I was only missing my money I spent. I told the waiter and he said she left.dont go here and see Paloma or her sister.they are bad news.go to Honk kong or andelitas.

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    Reviewed 10-25-2012
    Providers Name: blainosteele
    I like this bar!they have two for one beers all the time.the Ice cold beers are $3.50 for two.the ladies beer are $ take a female to a room is negotiable , usually between $30.00 to $100.00. the room are $13.00 for 30 give the door guy $1.00 when you take a girl to the room.
    I usually go there to watch the Football ,Baseball or Soccer games on there various flat screen TV.The waiters will get you food if you ask them.....
    sometimes the manager offer shots of tequila for free.there are usually alot of women here. not all are as hot as Aldelita or Hong kong, but theres alot of beautiful young women.some of the women use to work at Hong kong and other higher end bars.remember to tip the waiter one dollar , and everything is negotiable.I never had problems here.

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